Reincarnation – Ian Stevenson – Children’s past life memories
A young boy supposedly has memories of a past life in which he was his own grandfather. Plus, Dr. Jim Tucker discusses his and his former colleague Dr. Ian Stevenson’s research on children in eastern countries who have spontaneous past life memories.

Reincarnation in America – Documentary
In “Remembrances of Lives Past,” an article that appeared in the New York Times this weekend, Newsweek’s religion editor Lisa Miller takes a look at our nation’s growing belief in reincarnation.

Evidence of Reincarnation
Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD discuss the reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD, which involves children’s past life memories that can be factually verified.

Family convinced son lived another life as a woman
Do you believe in past lives? An Ohio family says they didn’t think about reincarnation until their son, Luke, shared something shocking with them.

Proof Of Reincarnation? 5 Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Turning Gravity Into Light – Smarter Every Day 146

Explaining The Applications Of The Science Of Reincarnation
Bob Good speaks at the IANDS’ “Explore The Extraordinary” Conference on Friday, September 4th, 2015.

The Science of Reincarnation @ FAU – Part 1
Bob Good’s lecture on The Science of Reincarnation.

The Science of Reincarnation @ FAU – Part 2
Bob Good’s lecture on The Science of Reincarnation.