Translator Affiliate

IASOR is working on translating The Science of Reincarnation 101, the freshman level college text book into every language on earth. The cartouches spinning at the top of the home page are in different languages already. There are 24 of them.

The college level text book under the take the course button on the upper right of the home page has about 70 pages of large print. What we want to do is have local web sites in each language host the translation of this text book. When that is done we will then link the spinning cartouche in the language on the cartouche, say, Spanish or Farsi to your web site.

What we want to be is the place you come to get you where you are going so if you are a kid in a remote place you can come to the IAOR site and read a text book about this in your native language and go to a local web site in your native land to get more resources and education.

This allows one other thing to occur, it builds a network allowing us to find events like NDE’s and children who remember prior lives so we can fully see and understand the scope of what is emerging before us. No matter where you are please help this to happen.