The Mathematics of the Science of Reincarnation

Writing The Mathematics of the Science of Reincarnation is a collaborative project. The premise of the book is simple. We are going to look at the probability of reincarnation from an exclusively scientific perspective to assign probabilities as to whether humans reincarnate. We are going to use the scientific method, observations experiments and hypothesis using double blind experiments to achieve the most fact based and logic driven probabilities in order to ascertain our reality.

The book is divided into 4 sections:

  • Section 1 – Our Reality as best we can know it
  • Section 2 – Artificial Intelligence
  • Section 3 – Making SOR personal
  • Section 4 – Governance

We invite scientists to contribute content for the various chapters as outlined in the index per their specialty. This project will be updated monthly as the book and the best fact based analysis is developed. Please join our mailing list so that you may be notified of the changes. E-mail us at