Opportunities At IASOR

There are so many opportunities to involve yourself in here at IASOR. The good news is you don’t need IASOR’s blessings to do what you would like to do.

The directory of organizations doing some aspect of the science of reincarnation. The Science Of Reincarnation
See what papers we are asking for and for projects we are willing to pay to have done. The Science Of Reincarnation
Call for volunteers to produce a college level textbook for freshmen entitled the science of reincarnation. The Science Of Reincarnation
Call to organize the first science of reincarnation convention to run concurrent with the IANDS convention in Orlando in July. The Science Of Reincarnation
Call for proposals for the organizing committee of the science. Its disciplines include, near death experiences, children who remember prior lives, past life regression, clairvoyance, mediumship, nursing, physics, quantum biology, nonlocal consciousness studies and other related disciplines. The Science Of Reincarnation
Call for project managers (chairs) for kick starter video proposals. This would be a scientist who would do a request for funds for a project he wanted to study. The Science Of Reincarnation
The SOR.org sub Reddit: R\reincarnation science. The Science Of Reincarnation
Call for project manager to run our Amazon affiliate store. This store will be put up on our website selling anything from any of the member’s stores. The Science Of Reincarnation
We’re soliciting membership applications for the first board of the science of reincarnation.org. The Science Of Reincarnation