IASOR offers a broad variety of memberships:

Basic Membership – $40 annually
Mouse Pad• IASOR in the news, our quarterly newsletter filled with information about the science of reincarnation, current research articles about related topics, and news about IASOR.
• Our e-mail updates keeps you abreast of the developments across the landscape of the science including the science itself, the politics and the social changes.
• Free Science Of Reincarnation Mouse Pad.

Supporting Membership – $70 annually
MugThis membership level helps IASOR fund a variety of initiatives.
• Same benefits as the Basic Membership package.
Free Science of Reincarnation Coffee Mug.

Professional Membership – $125 annually
• All the benefits of the membership levels above.
• The book The Science of Reincarnation by Bob Good.
• A listing in our Professional Directory. This membership allows you to be listed in our directory as a professional member. This is good for those professionals who live in such places as Aberdeen Scotland, Jakarta Indonesia, and sent Paulo Brazil. This professional directory gives access to those looking for, mediums, remote viewers, NDE nursing and psychology simply a complete list of those people treating individuals who have experienced NDE’s, children who remember past lives, and people who have done past life regression and those who have associated with them.

Service Provider Membership – $300 annually
• Includes the set up charge to put you into our system co brokering goods and services. We are offering the marketplace so a company that makes and markets massage oils and massage therapies can access the database of the company or organization who provides nursing services. This common database will include books, requests for funding to do specific studies, requests for support doing and managing those studies and a variety of other ways for the members to market their goods and services globally through this network as well as find goods and services to market in their local area. Charges additional to the individual set up charge as above would be things like landing pages so your website can access our marketplace and design and select from what the other members offer.
• This allows the member to upload kick starter videos for research they wish to do or request sponsorship and help to do a kick starter video for research they wish to fund.
• Links listing for businesses looking to crosslink. This separate directory listing is for those corporations’, organizations or individuals looking to crosslink their sites to build traffic. To be listed in this directory means you are actively seeking crosslinks to other web sites to build traffic to you site and are looking to reach our member base.
• All the benefits of the basic membership levels.

Patron Membership – $500 annually
• All the benefits of the membership Levels above.
• The satisfaction you are materially helping IASOR accomplish its stated goals.

Benefactor Membership – $1000 annually
• All of the benefits of the above memberships.
• One free attendance to the first IASOR convention. The convention schedule is up we have not yet set a date.


Foundational Membership rate dependent upon service requirement and request
• All the benefits of the above memberships.
• Personal counseling for your foundation or trust regarding how IASOR can help your organization
Colleges and Universities Membership – Free membership if you are offering the Science of Reincarnation101 as an elective and use the Science of Reincarnation text book on the IASOR web site.
• IASOR supports studies into the science of reincarnation and is actively seeking programs wishing to do studies that IASOR can help fund. Specifically IASOR is looking to do studies linking different disciplines of this science. We are looking for odds against chance studies comparing different or similar data points within different databases. We are also looking for universities or students to contribute time to translate some studies into their native language. We need Farsi, and Pashtun translators.