GeoPolitical Ramifications of using the Science of Reincarnation

The Benefits of framing a study entitled
The Geo Political Ramifications of using the Science of Reincarnation (SOR) as a method of improving US Global Competitiveness

The US Government funds a study on the science of reincarnation to produce a common narrative as to what is the most scientifically probable reality regarding reincarnation and what might be technologically and medically possible in the next 30 years. This study is to recommend an action plan.
It is based on the current technology applications for uploading human consciousness to a cloud and accepted cognitive scientific observations and experiments done to date. AI is estimated to pass human intelligence by 2038 and the ability to upload the estimated bits of the human mind is 2050. We are currently growing all body parts and creating synthetic life by writing our own code for self-replicating DNA. But there are persistent observations that reincarnation maybe occurring naturally as part of a larger consciousness experience. This study is to fuse the disparate parts of what is occurring in the science world to examine what to do about what is becoming increasingly more likely in the short term, our ability to prevent death.
In doing this the Bi Partisan Policy Commission addresses several different national strategic interests. It
-gets an International anti radicalization narrative that is deliverable in 30 different languages that is a fact based model and deliverable to at risk populations in remote regions. The college text book on this science would be taught at European universities as a counter measure to radicalization and is written by leading global scientists in medicine, technology and the cognitive sciences.
-spurs the development of the technological and military applications and takes a leadership position in the world. Taking the initiative on something that is inevitable, the intersection between the technological development of AI and the technological promise of the ability to upload human conscious would have real world political impact now. This would begin to put an organized action plan in place.
-gets a lever to open more exploration for mining of rare earths. Today China predominantly controls this vital resource. The regions around the Chinese deposits are largely inaccessible. To undermine a radicalized culture there must first be a logical and beneficial alternative offered that stands on common ground.
What is the Science of Reincarnation? What is its strategic importance?
In its simplest form it is a scientific proof of race, religious and gender equality. That means apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, celibacy laws and infallibility claims are factually and scientifically incorrect. Simply acknowledging this is a science would unlock both natural and human resources.
The science of reincarnation is defined as the study of the energy of consciousness. By looking at the human body and quantifying and digitizing that energy we should be able by 2038 to prevent conscious death. When your body dies your consciousness can be uploaded to a computer and downloaded to a robot body. This is no longer fiction
But what may already be happening is that a part of us goes into a “cosmic cloud” which is as natural as consciousness itself.
At the basic transmission points of data all units are equal meaning that race, religion and gender variants are all equal. This is a scientific proof that would precipitate a political effect for social equality globally.
China-This would give the Chinese an opportunity to save face and step away from the laws they are passing outlawing reincarnation. It would support if not Tibetan independence then a reason and a policy to protect this indigenous population from the Chinese overstep in that region. If the Chinese were going to keep up with the American initiative then Tibet becomes a resource for the population and history they have. We do not oppose China with this policy but rather redefine the parameters and values of our common understanding.
Tibet- the narrative of the science of reincarnation would support Tibetan independence and the Dalai Lama. Since this is a scientific narrative with technological overtones China would be in the increasingly difficult position of refuting technology’s burgeoning processing power with its laws mandating belief systems. This science offers them a way to reconcile their own technological and political goals.
Saudi Arabia-Reliant on a fundamental brand of Islam, Wahhabism, this would allow the Saudi’s a scientific argument to step away from the radical narrative that fundamentalism presents. The plan here is a dialogue with the most extreme to present the alternative argument. The run time is one generation, less time than the DOD uses to depreciate fixed assets. While turning radical belief to knowable truth Wahhabism itself is left intact and a respected keeper of tradition but no longer a driver of action based on what we know now to be fact.
Iran-The Science of Reincarnation narrative would strengthen the moderate’s position versus the fundamentalists. It would also give a lever to the Iranian’s (Shia) against the Wahhabi brand of Sunni fundamentalism.
Islamic Republic of Pakistan-4/16/16 a Pakistani religious group from the Sunni Tehrik party held demonstrations warning the government against any attempt to amend the blasphemy law. They feel that changing the blasphemy law would pave the way for transforming the country into a secular and liberal state. They are right. Studying and teaching the science of reincarnation would limit their reach to only those who did not understand that blasphemy laws have no scientific validity or those who wish to benefit by this misconception.
By endorsing this science globally it would enable the more moderate individuals in Pakistan to correctly point out our technological advances will be capable in 35 years of uploading consciousness. So by recognizing this science and making a global show of support you enable the moderates and invalidate the argument of the extremists and the result is to weaken our enemy’s reach without great expense.
Russia-Russia already employs aspects of non-local consciousness (a core aspect of SOR) in their intelligence gathering operations, (remote viewing). Russia would stand to gain the same benefits that would accrue to America from de radicalization. Russian discovery and mining of rare earths would benefit America by increasing the supply and decreasing the cost.
The European Muslim Population-segments can be easily radicalized and there is no counter radicalization narrative unless a science looks at what we see, our observations globally. If that is done then reincarnation is ubiquitous among the earths populations based on studies done at UVA, and the University of Iceland and examining groups like the Druze in the mid-east.
European Colleges and Universities can teach this course as a science course to the European Muslim population college students and the information itself is a fact based counter radicalization narrative. The text book is online at
Islam in general-There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and 500 million or 1/3 believe that apostasy laws are correct. This is not a feature of Islam but rather a feature of economics as the majority of the 1/3 of Muslims who believe that live in third world conditions or less. The first world and second world Muslims may take advantage of this educational disparity and use it for their own local geo political benefit.
But access to their constituency comes in the form of a mobile web site, any phone can access this data and in their own language. The presentation of the Science of Reincarnation as legitimate presents an alternative to the radicalization dialogue by scientifically incorporating religion into what is actually observed scientifically. The science supports what religion has said about an afterlife as do current scientific observations and studies. Introduction of legitimizing the study of reincarnation does not so much attack Islam as re arrange the playing board and in doing so it takes radicalization out of the religion in a way that is scientific and respectful. It will take a generation, but action now will change the world.
The Christian Conservative population of America-This would continue to challenge the beliefs of this group by presenting facts that did not square with their belief system. However this group is intellectually flexible in that this region, the American south, has a long history of the study of the component parts of SOR. JB Rhyne’s ground breaking work on non-local consciousness was done at Duke, for the last 50 years the University of Virginia has done studies on children who remember prior lives and has called it the Science of Reincarnation in their alumni magazine. The international Association for near-death studies is located in South Carolina, and the University of Miami hosts the Weiss Institute Center for past life regression. This demographic, the Christian conservative south, is the home of many of the advances in this science and they continue to redefine our reality.
The Catholic Church-Church Celibacy laws are not part of Christianity but came into being in the 11th century to prevent church property being owned by Priests or their families. SOR would pressure the church to remove celibacy as a mandate with science. The Church already accepts there may be aliens.
A reevaluation of the religious tax exemption-By extrapolating this argument the case could be made for removing the tax break that religions currently enjoy based on the fact we are publicly subsidizing ideologies that are not realities but rather parts of a larger reality. The tax exemption for churches ending will be an economic boon to the states. For the European Union the additional tax will be a god send. Its implementation will be in stages, contested every step of the way and the negotiations will include set asides and all sorts of side agreements.
Currently the tax exemption supports one group’s belief at the expense of all beliefs. Belief is unaffected by removing the tax break, you can still believe what you believe and support that belief, but by adding that new tax income it benefits all constituents fairly rather than one specific belief system.
The Uber wealthy-Legitimatizing the science of reincarnation would drive private money into research. Handled correctly this could be an economic boon to the research institutions doing this work. Simply legitimizing this will drive job growth in a new industry which the United States already has a small but precarious lead.
Multinational corporations-A rough survey to aggregate scientific opinion would be that AI would surpass human intelligence by 2038, 22 years from now. In the intervening time we should not only prevent death but “enhance” humans with processing power implanted in our bodies. By 2050, 34 years from now we should be able to upload human consciousness to a cloud. This is no longer fiction but within our technological sights. Banks and corporations should be positioning themselves for what is an inevitability.
Mining and technology- rare earths will be the premier raw material of the coming century. China currently controls the world’s largest deposits. Exploration and mining in the border areas to the large deposits are critical to our national security in the coming century. It is here that the science of reincarnation is most important because if we can plan for the discovery mining and extraction in decades we must accompany it with the de radicalization plan to allow that to occur. It does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat it matters if you are an American.
Battery storage capacity as a critical national interest-based on the preorders that Tesla has received they would need to use the annual world supply of lithium to meet this demand. As a natural resource China controls the rare earths. But undiscovered deposits of rare earths exist in the borderline areas to China that are remote, fundamentalist controlled or influenced, and unexplored for mining rare earths.
The SOR narrative should accompany any mining operation that goes into these areas on a commercial basis.
Indigenous areas- these areas are defined as those remote locations that are at risk to radical narratives. When new deposits are found local Third World populations do not benefit from raw material discoveries in their regions. The science of reincarnation action plan is not just the delivery of the narrative but to deliver additive manufacturing technology so that the indigenous areas can improve their lives. This is a critical step in completing the loop of de radicalization. Using this method not only does the natural resource open up but a new marketplace as well.
Boko Haram-The Science of Reincarnation is not applicable in all cases. The most effective resolution is what Goodluck Jonathan has done before he leaves office, which is employing a PMI, private military contractor, using the strategy of relentless pursuit to eradicate this insurgent group. This is a tactical solution rather than a strategic one. Once Boko Haram is gone the SOR narrative should be taught to prevent re radicalization.
Medicine-Technology and Moore’s Law-With a computer and chemicals Celera Genomics and the J. Craig Venter Institute have created synthetic biological life. Simply put Venter programed a DNA code for a self-replicating organism. With our doubling of capacity occurring every 7 years and working on a geometric progression we will see an unstoppable progression in the understanding of human consciousness and our ability to replicate our bodies. This development will coincide with the development of AI. Sony has already warned against saying passwords out loud in front of your smart TV.
The Scientists themselves-Work is being done on many fronts but there is no overriding cohesive governing body. Technology will push this coming intersection. Funding is needed to unite different bodies of scientific work. There are many instances of military or business applications. Currently there is a palpable sense of fear in the science community of what might be surmised and ascribed to them before incontrovertible proof emerges, but the current numbers tell a tale. Being out in front of this could be career suicide and scientists are deftly stepping around this issue by not using the word reincarnation.
The Bipartisan Policy Commission Gets –
What they asked for in their report, a deliverable anti radicalization narrative that is fact based, logic driven and globally deliverable. In the process America becomes a better competitor.
This anti radicalization campaign is low cost and throttle able and can be targeted regionally.
It will provide new human resources in remote locations and in at risk populations by providing protocols on how to treat foreign adversaries who experience an NDE’s and publishing training on Remote Viewing.
Partner with our enemies-because this redefines our core assumptions about why we fight. Reposition the American brand from armed adversary to enlightened partner.
The antithesis of radicalization is common ground. What our belief systems have portrayed is now coming into the sights of being technologically feasible.
But persistent scientific observations based on probability studies suggest this is already occurring and is part of a larger consciousness experience.
Only more funding opens this door. The act of funding this research on the science of reincarnation has immediate and global benefits. Ultimately it is the friction we are trying to resolve that slows movement. A common understanding of the most likely facts will reduce that friction and open markets, resources and opportunities.
The following are very rough numbers but the work has already begun, visit
Action plan options
Cost $100,000
An Action Plan as presented and designed in this paper and done by leading US and Global Scientists that would include a call for grant requests. We will ask for certain studies to be done and let any organization, friend or foe, present peer reviewed work. The net aggregate of the results are our collective reality. Funding this creates the anti-radicalization narrative and increases our competitive opportunities.
Completion of the college textbook for the science of reincarnation 101.
Presented in 1 language
Putting the website on a mobile platform and beginning to translate this anti-radicalization narrative into specific languages to target at risk populations. We can only reach those who have cell phones but it is the cadre of our enemy we wish to educate about the reality of the science.
Cost $1,000,000
Action Plan as above
Presented in 10 languages
Supporting research currently being done and organizationally aggregating the disparate data to mine for trends.
Accrediting colleges to teach the science in Europe and Asia.
Cost $5,000,000
Action Plan as above
Presented in 30 different languages
A global initiative in 30 different languages to teach the science of reincarnation.
Targeted anti-radicalization campaign for at risk populations in remote areas.
Targeted hospital campaigns seeking enemy combatant NDE survivors.
Teach the science of reincarnation at European schools to first world Muslims.
Engage scientists globally in this effort.
Cost $10,000,000 Plus
Action Plan as above
At this level the exploration of inner space becomes as important as the exploration of outer space. This becomes a NASA like project with NASA like benefits.
The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation
Bob Good Executive Director
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