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Todays linked in comments about the “Science” in the science of reincarnation “Person who wrote the Science supporting reincarnation? Can you provide us with a link to an actual scientific report that tells us they support reincarnation. Are you sure you’re not confusing the word science for your personal religious beliefs? ” Bob Good: “Oh absolutely, that is the point, the science not my belief. The book is an overview of the science using the standard scientific method. You will find a working syllabus there. In its narrative it will take you to Stanford, Princeton, and UVA to show you the individual work by peeredRead More →

This is reprinted from the Schwartz Report which reprinted it from the Raw Story. What does this have to do with reincarnation? The science supporting reincarnation comes from a variety of sources, this is our using non locality in the lab. Your consciousness has a non local component to it and we are pressing on with our scientific understanding of it. A new milestone has been reached in the development of a practical quantum teleportation system researchers have for the first time succeeded in the teleportation of information between two separate clouds of gas atoms, over long-distances. And not just once, the method is apparentlyRead More →