Bob Good has just released a new science fiction book, “Stories From The Cylot Wars, and a new science book, “The Role of Laboratory Animal Science in the Science Of Reincarnation”. Both are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

Recently the University of Virginia magazine published an article entitled The Science of Reincarnation. VIEW ARTICLE This is my response: Dear Sirs I would like to comment on the article entitled the Science of Reincarnation and the subsequent comments by your readers. My name is Bob Good and I wrote the book, The Science of Reincarnation. For verification go to What is lacking from the article and the subsequent comments is context. Studying children who remember past lives is only one area of study. Others include past life regression and near-death experiences. Your readers could argue that none of these have been proven asRead More →

I refuse to live in a world where truth is beaten into submission. You see the science of reincarnation is already being done at UVA, University of Miami, UNLV, Princeton and Stanford. Why isn’t it called The Science of Reincarnation? Because it would stand the current cultural and religious order on its head by proving the very thing they all believe in, life after death. So why aren’t all these believers rushing to embrace this new science? Because what the science shows is that they are all equal. In fact this science shows that gender is not binary and that women are equal to men.Read More →

Attention This blog will now begin to explain the science of reincarnation, its applications and ramifications. This will lead up to Bob Good’s speech at FAU on March 6th at 11:30 am on the same subject. Observations made and experiments done in the last 50 years have changed how reincarnation should be perceived. 350 years ago the earth was considered the center of the universe until Galileo pointed out scientifically it was not. The ramifications of those scientific observations caused an upheaval within the Catholic Church. The aggregate scientific observations about this emerging science of reincarnation will similarly have far reaching effects within the worldsRead More →

Todays linked in comments about the “Science” in the science of reincarnation “Person who wrote the Science supporting reincarnation? Can you provide us with a link to an actual scientific report that tells us they support reincarnation. Are you sure you’re not confusing the word science for your personal religious beliefs? ” Bob Good: “Oh absolutely, that is the point, the science not my belief. The book is an overview of the science using the standard scientific method. You will find a working syllabus there. In its narrative it will take you to Stanford, Princeton, and UVA to show you the individual work by peeredRead More →

This is reprinted from the Schwartz Report which reprinted it from the Raw Story. What does this have to do with reincarnation? The science supporting reincarnation comes from a variety of sources, this is our using non locality in the lab. Your consciousness has a non local component to it and we are pressing on with our scientific understanding of it. A new milestone has been reached in the development of a practical quantum teleportation system researchers have for the first time succeeded in the teleportation of information between two separate clouds of gas atoms, over long-distances. And not just once, the method is apparentlyRead More →

Where is memory stored part 2 But there needs to be a dual theory. If mind and memory are diffused wave patterns, then there has to be a theory of how they interact with our bodies on the macro level. It appears that on the quantum level, there is no sophisticated theory to incorporate the energy in your body into biology. We measure the electromagnetic pulses of the heart in an electrocardiogram, and we’re always improving our imaging of brain scans, but the energy patterns of the body itself are only at the very early stages of being mapped, and it is these energy pulsesRead More →