The best way to understand the science of reincarnation is to make it personal. To look at it from the perspective of a 35 year old man or woman. Younger people will be more effected by this science, older people less so. So in 2017 a 35 year old person lives in the following situation: He could upload anything on his computer to the cloud and down load that quantity of information to a new computer. By 2035 when our person is 53 artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. That means that we can upload and download to the cloud a greater quantity of informationRead More →

Many of my friends think me crazy for the science of reincarnation posts I make. Yet each science article is a component piece in the development of this new science I am writing about. In 20 years we will be able to upload more data to the cloud than is contained in the human minds as measured in bits. Combine that with this article about chemicals we can build a cognizant biological entity and occupy it with our mind. What is interesting about this is that it may already be occurring naturally and the various disciplines that would make up this new science do notRead More →

And so the crux of the science of reincarnation begins to emerge. If we measure the human minds computing and storage capability and we begin to digitally exceed that with what we can build then when do machines become people and when can we be uploaded and downloaded to a new body. There is ample evidence to suggest it is happening now.   READ ARTICLE Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

Quantum entanglement is something the normal person doesn’t follow despite its huge implications for each of us. Clairvoyance and life after death, those things so ethereal are now being grounded in quantum physics. My grand daughters reality 20 years from now is the stuff of science fiction from my childhood. The question facing physicists if 2 particles are connected (now proven) by a force we do not understand then what particles in U.S. Are connected to who knows where? READ ARTICLE Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

The CIA lists the GNP of all the countries but countries are not the entities they used to be. 70 percent of the largest economic entities are not countries but multi national corporations, they all have their own foreign policy. Their economic power gives them more influence with politicians than the voters that elect them. These corporations can be influenced by their consumers and that is where grass roots political activism is most effective. READ ARTICLE Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

The change will be dramatic and accelerate from there. Our children and grandchildren will see changes greater than their parents experienced in their lives. In 25 years neural interfaces will have us designing systems to upload our consciousness to a cloud. This is the new look of the science of reincarnation and the work for it is being done at Google, Facebook and Amazon. READ ARTICLE Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →