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If you watch this 5:30 video it will make you realize we are living in the last days of Pompeii. The last 45 seconds pulls it together where you understand the connection to reincarnation even though it starts with computer programs in the financial sector. AI is coming much faster and harder than people realize. Very much like a birth, in the near term, 20 years, the phone in your pocket will be smarter than you. There is not a profession this will not change. The future beyond that? VIEW VIDEO Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

Immortality may be within reach. Something that the human race has dreamt of since we understood the concept of death. The ability to live beyond our extremely mortal bodies… From the famous myths of a fountain of youth to the endless potions of legend that would stop you from aging and keep you alive forever, nothing truly seems to be more than a dream. READ ARTICLE Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

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Astrobiologists Revise the Chances of Finding Advanced ET Civilizations. A rapid increase in our knowledge of alien worlds has dramatically changed the way scientists are interpreting the famous Drake equation. READ ARTICLE Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →

Bob Good has just released a new science fiction book, “Stories From The Cylot Wars, and a new science book, “The Role of Laboratory Animal Science in the Science Of Reincarnation”. Both are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Comment on our Reddit pageRead More →