The best way to understand the science of reincarnation is to make it personal. If you are 35 or younger this blog is important to you. This blog is a pure scientific aggregate view of the science of reincarnation and how it will affect you personally over the next 50 years. If you are in tech or finance this is a who’s who of those doing this science right now, and what is flying below the radar and what might be possible. So in 2017 a 35 year old person lives in the following situation: He could upload anything on his computer to the cloudRead More →

The problem with the science of reincarnation is its lack of fusion which was evidenced this past weekend December 21, 2016 in 2 separate events. The first was an article in the New York Times magazine section on the development of AI, artificial intelligence and how they are programming a computer to think like a three year old child. The second occurred the following day on Good Morning America when IANDS (The International Association of Near Death Studies) was featured. Juxtaposing these two separate events explains the resistance to accepting the science of reincarnation as a legitimate emerging science and highlights the reasons for thisRead More →

A blog post is a thought and in this post we must explain the neural connection and its relation to the science of reincarnation and move on. We cannot get bogged down in the particulars of the technology that is being developed. How far out is this neural connection to a computer? It’s happening now. We can accept that if someone is in an accident and they lose their eyes but the optic nerve is intact we can now connect a camera to their optic nerve so they can see again. That development occurred in 2016. We can do the same for a hearing lossRead More →

So if you understand the first 3 blogs this changes everything in so many ways. If you don’t understand this I’ll say it again in small words in a few sentences. You won’t die at the end of your life but you will have more responsibility. You get to choose your religion, your gender and your location for your next life. Look at how you are leaving this location. Clean up your campsite. Leave the woods as though you had never been there. Now it is pristine for the next passage. That is everyone’s responsibility but with great wealth comes great responsibility. So what isRead More →

People don’t understand the science of reincarnation because it is not taught cohesively and clearly do not understand the different sectors of this science and how they are related. So how would AI break down whether the science of reincarnation should exist at all and if it should what it would be composed of. It would look at observable data, events where people claimed reincarnation. In this category it would look at common data points. This would include NDE’s, children who remember prior lives and transplant memories. It would look at non local consciousness, the human ability for the mind to reach outside the body.Read More →

Roughly 40 years ago a professor named Ian Stevenson began to study Children who remember prior lives at the University of Virginia. This was observable testable data. These children are quite specific about the fact they don’t belong to the family they were born into but rather their other family is where they want to go back to. Please watch the 6 minute video of the boy who was a fighter pilot during WW II on the home page of the IASOR site for an example of this. When taken back to the locale of their prior life they know geography and people of theirRead More →

The Science of Reincarnation is a cross disciplinary science so the System Design should begin with a brief explanation of The Science of Reincarnation itself. Preface to the Science of Reincarnation College Textbook 101 Introduction to the Science of Reincarnation The science of reincarnation is part of the cognitive sciences. It is a science that is just now emerging and will in the next 50 years grow to enormous proportions. This science will be the place that your grandchildren come to design their next life. For the new student the science is broken into three parts. The first part of the science is evaluating whatRead More →

The purpose of this blog is to provide the road map for a moonshot proposal to do the science of reincarnation. That includes studying the political, cultural and social fallout. There is a standard model of reincarnation that can be drawn from the joint narratives of children who remember prior lives, people who have an NDE and people who have been regressed. The purpose of this blog today is to draw one feature from the standard model and examine its repercussions. In the first blog we discussed the standard model of reincarnation and how religion does not seem to be very relevant to those experiencingRead More →

The Difference between science religion and heritage is as follows: science tell us our reality, our religion defines our belief system and our heritage tells us our ancestral evolution. There are defining moments of change, historically, that are epochal. The Science of reincarnation stands at just such a threshold and our friends in North Carolina are in an epileptic fit trying to adjust. This blog is not about pulling them down but pulling them up. What is needed in the science of reincarnation research is a 100 million dollar investment by the tech industry into this sector. With great wealth comes great responsibility. It isRead More →